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N. N.
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
formerly psychedelic-cookie
An assistant of the legendary dr. Caligari! My hobbies include thinking of stories to write and then not writing them. But I'm p good at designing characters.
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like seriously i'm in a zombie mode even more than usually
i lose the feeling of time flowin' when I have free time, like, ah, right, i'm having two math lessons (bleh!) t'day so it must be wednesday but since we finished lessons f o r e v e r i'm havin' a problem, ayy
almost forgot it's friday and fridays r good just because. Idk saturday is great, too, although it will soon stop being like that 'cause my bo bro decided to move to Ireland. Oh well I can't blame him, they-he and his gf-will make a living there, for sure. Idk our country is fucked up, kinda, I'll have to move from here, too, there's like, no good place for people who draw stuff... (Plus, I'm socially awkward and afraid of job interviews, yo)
There are loads of shorthands so i guess it may be totally illogical for you guys, if you're reading it at all

I'm trying to play OOT on emulator ayyy but once i got used to playing it with keyboard instead of a pad it's pretty enjoyable :'D I've never been a good gamer anyway but whatever
Forest temple, I'm coming for ya

oh also adult Link has a weird animation and runs like he has some neurological issues idk but that's just a small thing. So.

i stole a meme because why not

1. What is your natural hair color?
grey-ish dark blonde, I guess?

2. Where was your ID pic taken?

3. What's your middle name?
oh my, it's an ugly one I am not telling you

4. Your current relationship status?
forever single f y

5. Honestly, does your crush like you back?
How do you expect Syd Barrett to know of me at all especially considering the fact that he is actually dead (kidding. Of course I keep his ghost in my wardrobe and he feels fine there we are good friends really)

6. What is your current mood?
e n t e r t a i n e d ok kinda frustrated bc i suck at gaming; pathetic! i'm a terrible gamer but I enjoy gaming.
7. What's the color of your underwear?
watch your manners, young man

8. What is one thing that makes you happy?
little kittens awww also chicken nuggetttts but that's like, two things

9.Who was the last person you cuddled with?
i have no habit of cuddling with people

10. If you could go back in time, and change something what would it be?
I would take that pepsi in a can and not in a cup, silly me also i wouldn't get late for a thing i had to go t'day and should have ben punctual ok this is getting complex

11. If you MUST be an animal for ONE day-
raven or wolf, but ravens can fly so yay

12. Ever had a near death experience?
nay i don't think so?

13. Something you do a lot?
read things unless my bro visits me then we play games a lot

14. What's the name of the song stuck in your head right now?
HOLLY SHIT i had no idea DA makes vide links ino video thing i don't even

15. Who did you copy and paste this from?
a person i always steal these things from 

16. Name someone with the same b-day as you?

17. When was the last time you cried?

18. Have you ever sang in front of a large audience?
oh god i can't even believe it but yea i did

19. If you could have one super power what would it be?
idk teleportationmaybe? or being hella good at recognizing emotions cause i suck at it right now

20. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
y do u always ask about opposite sex whyyy wow people are people i don't even care about sex anyway bless u and now get outta here

22. What's your biggest secret?
it's not really a secret because if it was i wouldn't tell you but it doesn't really matter because i just forgot what i was going to tell u

23. What's your favorite color?
ehh i guess i like it radical ayy either black&white or rainbow but i also like purple yay for purple and yay for indigo

24. When was the last time you lied?

25. Do you still watch kiddy movies or TV shows?
do you have probs with that

27. What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
i just ate things from KFC yeah i know i know no healthy but i was hella hungry and it was near so i went there ok also i'm now drinking coffee

28. What's your favorite smell?
incense, i guess? cinnamon ones. also the way air smells after rain yeah

29. If you could describe life in one word what would it be?
lllllllllife would be the word hehheh

30. When was the last time you gave/received a hug?
i really can't recall

31. Have you ever been kissed in the rain?

32. What are you thinking about right now?
figuring out what to do next in the game

33. What should you be doing?
learning+working on a thing for final exams it's complicated

34. What was the last thing that made you upset?
that there were no places in kfc except for a big table for six persons and i had to take my stuff out and eat fries while waitng for my train 'cause i actually hate eating in public (and people hate it when someone else tries to eat near them i n p u b l i c)

35. Do you like working in the yard?
ah no i do not.

36. If you could have any last name in the world, what would you want?
Nikolai is the nicest name of alllll well I love Russian names in general

37. Name 5 things in your closet:
Syd Barrett's ghost and my imaginary friend and you don't need to hear about the other ones also yeah these two are persons not things ayy

38. Do you act different around your crush?
he's a cool ghost i'm a toal myself around him yo

39. When was the last time you slept with a stuffed animal?

40. How many times do you take a shower a week?

41. Do you brush your teeth everyday?
aye although yesterday i was so tired i didn't but that was like, exception thing

42. Have you ever said something stupid in front of your crush?
i tell lots of stupid things in front of everybody SO SHAMELSSS oww

43. Have you ever watched a hockey game?
tried to but it was boring

44. Do you lie about your age?
nah why would i. but usually i tell people to guess first

45. Ever been jealous about something stupid?
nay or i just don't recal it now

46. Do you pick your nose?
i used to when i was a snotty little brat 

47. What's the one food you hate?
(but there are more)

48. What's the one junk food you cant live without?

49. How old were you when you found out Santa was fake?
have you ever believed he was real wow lucky man. I found out too soon about the actual guy and knew since then that he's been dead for far too long to be able to ride around and throw presents allover the place

50. Have you ever blown your nose and looked inside it the napkin?
y u ask haha lol

51. Describe your favourite underwear you have?
my underwear things are all the same and anyway why would you even are are you trying to be provokative or what because you're doing it wrong

52. Did you lie in any of these questions?
i already forgot half of them idk

1. mess
2. mess
3. mess
4. mess
5. artsy supplies
6. books
7. also, mess

1 do you like someone?
aye i guess so

2 does someone like you?
ask them?

3 who was your last crush?
turns out that i'm only attracted to dead artists and fictional chars 

4 have you ever been lead on?
hah no

5 have you ever been cheated on?

6 do you want to be in a relationship?
idk if it turns out o be a good one then why not but it would have to be like, a 'soul mates!' kind of thing

7 do you wanna get married?
oh noooooo no don't wanna

1. books
2. arrrrrting
3. winter
5. soundtracks from zelda games
6. psychedelia
7. hiking

1. damn dungeon wheres da key i mustfindsariabeforeigotosleep
2. celtic folk is nice
3. need a new book to read
4. fuck those fucking final exams
5. i suck at being adult
6. such art block very uncreative
7. song of storms hell yea

1 Believe in God? nah why would i. Well certainly not in what you think of when you say this.
2 Had a dream come true? can't recall such thing but maybe
3 Read the newspaper? lately i haven't been buyng any of themmm
4 Pray? nope
5 Have a best friend? idk maybe. m a y b e or maybe not ehhh
6 Had braces? noppp
7 Wish on stars? theyre meteors also no i do not wish on them but i like observing them

1 Fallen in love?
Ha! no I have not.

2 Kiss someone of the same sex?
no and also i'm not a fan of kissing at allllllllll

3 Cheated?
no that would make me an asshole

4. what happened 2 question four woah it's still a mystery

5 Ran away from home?

6 Played strip poker?
i can't play poker at all, lucky me

7 Pulled an all nighter?
ehehehehehe who hasnt

1 Cried?
2 Had fun?
3 Been kissed?
4 Felt stupid?
as always 
5 Talked to an ex?
i have no ex so nope
6 Bought anything?
7 Used chapstick?
I have not used the chapstick. Not in the last 48 hours. But now that you say this, I think I am going to do it.

ooooo also the weather is nice today
  • Mood: Noble
  • Listening to: a variety of things
  • Reading: a variety of things
  • Watching: a variety of things
  • Playing: ZELDA ha did you expect this
  • Eating: a variety of things
  • Drinking: oh ok im drinking coffee right now

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